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42 Draft Designs Boost Gauge Tap & Tubing Kit for Audi & VW 2.0T FSI & TSI (90° Fitting)

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42 Draft Designs

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The wrong boost gauge tubing kit can turn an afternoon project into a dramatic disappointment. It's simple really - tubing and fittings. What could possibly go wrong? Unfortunately, plenty.

Since 2002 we have been installing and selling boost gauges and various tubing kits. Over the years we have tested and developed many different solutions using a variety of fittings and tubing. Customer feedback has always been strong, letting us know what works and what doesn't. Throughout the years we've heard it all.

"my boost gauge buzzes"
"my tubing cracked, won't bend, melted, or isn't long enough"
"something's leaking"
"It just won't fit in my pod"

New for 2009, our mk5 boost gauge tubing kits combine the best of the best at an affordable and competitive price. In the engine bay we're using our mk5 boost gauge tap to neatly tap into the factory intake manifold. At the gauge we're using our 90° boost gauge fitting. This fitting is the most compact 90° barb fitting we've ever found, allowing installation in the tightest of gauge pods. Tying it all together is 8 feet of the toughest and most flexible tubing we've ever used. Made from a high-tech polymer, our new tubing is flexible enough to bend around a quarter, but stiff enough to support itself without kinking or drooping. Our tubing can snake through gauge pods without kinking or crushing, while simultaneously holding tight on our barbed fittings without zip-ties or clamps. Spliced somewhere in-between, our proven inline restrictor provides a clean signal to the boost gauge. Zip ties and installation instructions are included for convenience.


Installing a boost gauge should be a simple task. Let's keep it that way.

Important Details This kit is specifically designed to be used on the 2006+ mk5 2.0T FSI & TSI motors. This kit includes 8' of our flexible tubing, a barbed fitting to connect the tubing to the gauge, an inline restrictor, our mk5 boost gauge tap, zip-ties and installation instructions.


Tubing Dimensions:

  • .25" OD, .170" ID, 8' length


Boost Gauge Fitting Details:

  • 1/8" NPT female threads
  • .170" male barb


Inline Fitting Details:

  • .1875" barbs
  • built-in vacuum restrictor


Mk5 Boost Gauge Tap
Which tubing kit do I need? Choose your tubing kit based on your mounting pod. Steering column mounted pods usually require the 90° barb fitting. Most pods allow enough clearance for the straight barb fitting in our MK5 Boost Gauge Tubing Kit.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Weight 1.0000
Box Size N/A
Manufacturer 42 Draft Designs
Country of Manufacture United States
USA Location Millersville, MD
Warranty Lifetime Warranty
Installation Instructions (PDF) N/A
Rebates (PDF) N/A


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